The Boomer Survival Guide

What an absolutely amazing time to be a’ Boomer! If you’re a person who likes a challenge, you will definitely love 2009! There is nothing particularly like the fear of financial insecurity to stress every system in the life of yours (your profession, the relationships of yours and your health) to within an inch of its breaking point… or beyond. We have been told (whether or not we want to bring it seriously) that this season is likely to be the most difficult in recent history: tougher than year that is last, with next year shaping up being not so strong. Meanwhile, wherever you go, there you’re, as well as right now, wherever you go, you are stuck right here in 2009 with all of the complications that entails.

Welcome to’ Midlife Crisis Plus’: a life that’s taking the idea of’ obstacles to success’ to new levels. Sadly enough, you may or may not realize that all that you have to do to inevitably be inextricably embroiled in this chaos and drama is usually to do nothing. That’s right: sitting back and hoping for the most effective – several a midlife guy’s favorite pastime – prepares a direct path to disappointment and discouragement (if not to disaster). There’s a bottom line here, guys: move it or lose it. Quite simply, you’re risking everything once you decide that there’s nothing you have to do at this time. The initial chapter of your respective’ Boomer’s Survival Guide’ should be entitled: “Don’t Just Sit There, Do Something!”

Believe it or not, your career and your career are on the line. If you improve somebody else, I truly hope you recognize two Great Truths that should be carved in stone: 1) that there is simply no such thing as employment security any longer and 2) that’ retirement’ is a a quaint but obsolete concept. If you are running a business Click for details yourself, an entrepreneur, you’ve to be mindful that you are in competition that is fierce with every other entrepreneur across the world for an ever-shrinking supply of dollars. They morning of the dilettante entrepreneur has passed. The game these days is: work hard, work long hours, along with, in case you’re paying the bills, you are doing fantastic (and if you’re not, you’ve a lot of good company). Do you see the conundrum gathering right here, friends? People in the “9-to-5” world are thinking whether you’d be better off right nos taking that’ leap of faith’ you have consistently considered and’ leave the rat-race’ to strike out on your own. Meanwhile, people who are in business for yourselves are assuming that your best course could possibly be packing it up and buy a’ RJ’ (‘Real Job’). If the going gets difficult, the tough start playing’ musical chairs.’

Meanwhile, exactly how are things going for home? Must we sense trouble in paradise? Odds are, when the fear of financial insecurity hits one or maybe both partners in a relationship, that things are likely to get over a bit stormy. As indicated by research done by The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, the following are the main factors cited by couples as energy sources of their marital troubles typically leading to divorce:

* Poor communication

* Financial problems

* A deficiency in dedication to the marriage

* A significant change in priorities

H. Les Brown, MA , CFCC

Midlife Matters

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