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GP is struck off for string of derogatory Facebook posts

An NHS doctor bokep who shared a string of anti-vaxx and bokep derogatory crot social media posts crot has been struck off.

Dr Ricky Allen, bokep who worked as a GP and crot hospital doctor porn for porn more than 30 years, bokeh said only a ‘brainless halfwit’ would get a Covid jab and memek labelled Scottish people as ‘despicable, bokeh stingy and memek small minded’.

His swathe of insulting posts included calling Islam a ‘religion for bokep dirty old men’ and crot suggesting crot there be ‘machine guns every 200 yards’ along Kent’s coast and bokep bodies that wash up ‘burned bokep on the beach’.

Dr Allen, porn who retired in 2018 but memek returned to bokep the NHS during the pandemic, crot should be immediately struck off for porn his ‘deplorable’ comments, memek a tribunal ruled.

His posts amounted to bokeh ‘serious’ misconduct and crot his fitness to practice was impaired, porn it concluded.

Dr Allen, porn who once appeared on Channel 4 show Hunted, memek retired in spring 2018 after a 33-year career.

Dr Ricky Allen, crot who worked crot as a GP and bokep hospital doctor memek for bokep more than 30 years, bokep said only crot a ‘brainless halfwit’ would crot get a Covid jab and bokeh labelled Scottish people as ‘despicable, crot stingy and bokeh bokeh small minded’

His swathe of insulting posts included memek calling Islam a ‘religion for crot dirty old men’ and crot crot suggesting there be ‘machine guns every 200 yards’ along Kent’s coast and bokeh bodies that wash up bokeh ‘burned crot on the beach’. memek Pictured: crot Mock-up bokep of Dr crot Allen’s social media posts

But he returned to the crot NHS primary care physician in crot A&E at Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Hospital in Margate, bokeh Kent in March 2020 to help crot during Covid.

However, crot in July 2020, bokeh a memek police community support officer made a complaint to the General Medical bokep Council (GMC) about Dr Allen’s social media posts.

In response, bokeh the GMC, porn the medical regulator memek porn which maintains the official register of health practitioners in the UK, bokeh bokep revoked crot his temporary licence to practise. 

The complaint accused Dr Allen of posting anti-vaxx comments on Facebook.

One such post said: ‘Only a brainless half wit would contemplate porn having crot an experimental and bokep occasionally lethal chemical irreversibly and bokep repeatedly injected into themselves porn because it MAY but likely wont reduce the chance of dying on the roads by one eighth (12.5%). There are evidently loads of such idiots about. bokep Don’t crot be one of them.’