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Mum and Dad went into a flat on Bowers Avenue and I suppose that weren’t really till after Mum and Dad died that that went downhill. It was a lovely estate when we lived there it really was, trees all the way up Suckling Avenue. There were two sisters who lived on Suckling Avenue and they were evacuees in Canada and both married Canadians. Imagine you’re at a pool or the beach, and you have a young swimmer who hasn’t yet grasped the mechanics of swimming. Must have been oh, over 14 years ago. Before I was ill we used to go down to Morrison’s didn’t we, have a Sunday lunch and walked over the new bridge. And the red straw purse-woven bag is very popular among women as they have reasonable price. Though they have been a seasonal staple for ages, they’re more relevant than ever this year as we indulge in the joy of dressing up for the great outdoors. It’s a geeky thrill ride designed to appeal to hardcore movie lovers (and, yes, to fans of the TV show), but be warned — once you see Serenity you’ll want to run right out and get the “Firefly” box set, and once you’re through with that, you’ll understand the Browncoats’ frustration that there are no more adventures forthcoming from Serenity’s crew.

The Spanish fashion house reigns supreme for its stunning leather goods, resort-style ready-to-wear, and, of course, its chic selection of bags and accessories. Anyway we got in touch with the council and said that we knew that they were movin’ away and we got the house because of the twins. We couldn’t afford the rent on the steel house so we got an exchange to a flat. Then Welfare got me a house on Boundary Road… She met her husband who was a librarian at the Lazar House. I don’t know of any Americans who stayed here. I don’t know why it changed. That’s why she had so many! They were with me for a long time, about 9 months, and then that was when I had my other son in 1961. ‘New house, new baby’ that’s what my mother told me. Olive: Oh that’s right, yeah. Olive: Also there’s no neighbourhood.

Olive: Well, it went on a lot of years after that and then all of a sudden it went to pot. Well, I wouldn’t want to live there. My daughter took me to where her son has moved to, I wouldn’t want to live there, All new places. My youngest son he took us round, gave us a tour of Mile Cross didn’t he Olive, and we were shocked! They had to share a bedroom with my son. My husband’s youngest brother and his wife had three children, twins and another boy. You know if you’ve got children, young children you wouldn’t dare let ‘em out of the door. When he came out of the forces he just went on the building sites, you know, took whatever jobs there were. Hey Niels, thanks for reaching out! I think that when they started to build these new estates like West Earlham and Tuckswood so many people went into places like that. People just didn’t seem to bother, that really went down it did.

Rosina: And a lot of people died off didn’t they? They built a lot of places for older people, to sort of retire into. And they built those places off Soleme Road I think. I think the last time I went down there was to the cinema when we went to see Calendar Girls. We were really interested in the Riverside, we used to go down every Sunday just watching it change. On Boundary Road when I lived there there were masses of trees, then they were all cut down and widened it all We also had dog track on Boundary Road where B&Q is now. Single-use plastics include plastic bags, water bottles, straws, cups, utensils, dry cleaning bags, take-out containers, and other plastic items used once and then discarded. Not so much. Christy Short crochets her faux-balloons with thick chenille yarn for maximum absorption, so they soak up water like a sponge, splatter like the real thing, and look pretty doing it. Observe the color of the light passing through and the color of the water in the glass.